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  • Never Drinking Again

    Welcome to 2014! How are you feeling today? Take a pic of yourself, your hangover cure or your post party scene and share it on Instagram with these hashtags #NeverDrinkingAgain #instachallenges

  • Cinematic City Scapes

    Cinematic City Scapes

    Take a photo that directly describes the hustle and bustle of the city that you come from! Be creative with your shots and let the best cityscape win. Add these hashtags to your photos: #CinematicCityscapes #Instachallenges    

  • Something You Adore

    Snap something you adore, anything you want! #instachallenges #iadore  

  • Something You’re Reading

    What are you reading at the moment? Snap it, add the following hashtags and share with the world! #instachallenges #somethingimreading